Magfre Enterprises provide fast and efficient digital printing services in Kenya.

Digital printing is the process of producing printed material without the use of films or plates. As a business, you can supplement your marketing banners, solo ads, print ads etc. with digital print.

We provide fast and efficient digital printing services in Kenya covering mainly direct mailers, invitations, menus, sales kits, reports, corporate stationery, fliers and calendars, among others.

Time is money; we therefore offer you solutions for all your time sensitive projects.

All you have to do is provide us your file either by uploading it here or dropping your CD to our offices, and your printing job is able to proceed. Digital printing is the quickest method of getting something printed.

We at Magfre have a state-of-the-art digital machine for giving our customers the best quality products.
With our HP Indigo we offer quality digital prints for short runs of magazines, catalogues, conference literature, flyers, office stationery, business cards, invitation cards, fliers, customized calendars, events tickets, certificates, greeting cards and much more